Bridal Photography | London

I was searching through my various archives of wedding photography today and came across a picture that was taken way back when in 2010 of the beautiful Miriam Groom. Some shots stand out to me straight away and you will see that I then use said shots to promote my work to the world as I think that they are the shots that can sell my services. This, however had passed me by and I suddenly realised it! Thankfully I still had the original RAW file and an hour later, from the data, I retrieved this:


Bride spinning round in wedding dress


Mim & Tom’s wedding was definitely up there with my ‘favourite weddings ever (apart from my own)’. An English Garden Party – themed wedding held in the back garden of the family home in the Hampshire town of Petersfield. They were both a pleasure to photograph and just before the first dance, I crept away with Mim and the bridesmaids to have fun down a dark lane…… that probably came out wrong (!) Anyway, as the bridesmaids disappeared, this was just one quick last shot – groom holding flash – me poised ready – shout ‘spin’ and this is the result. I always try to recreate this shot as I seem to get a lot of brides having dreamed of ‘the spinny shot’ – works especially well in a big dress. Mim conquered it in two takes. I shall now use this photo till you’re all sick of it, to promote my wedding & bridal photography in London!